Why Gentlemen are a “hot” Agency in China?

Digital marketing trend has got much popularity in China and numerous companies are taking interest to offer their services for Chinese business persons. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is also one of the top class companies in China which has number of years’ experience and have educated and professional staff who are expert in digital marketing project handlings. Comparatively Gentlemen Marketing Agency has spent many years to spent Chinese customers and worked for them to get high rank on search engines and to influence Chinese customers through lots of effective campaigns. Many top class companies of Europe has decided to beat the competitive market of China on behalf of emerging some brands and it is difficult for them to beat Chinese brands in China. Competition is tough but Chinese companies are still getting positive response from their customers and engaged their customers through effective marketing campaigns. Gentlemen Marketing Agency has done numerous projects in China and their creative skills and professional approaching style impressed Chinese business communities a lot. Following are the main reasons to know about how Chinese consumers trust on major brands.

1. E-Commerce Trend in China

After inventions of latest devices like; smart phones, iPhones, Android and lots of other devices people have access to find everything on search engine and get awareness about their required products and services through social media. Digital marketing has become a need to survive in Chinese market for business communities. Launching its own e-commerce platform has become a trend and a successful tool of marketing to attract consumer’s attention in China. Digital marketing helps to increase traffic flow, new potential customer’s attention and more credibility to the brand. This strategy has become much popular in China to increase sales and to give awareness to attached consumers about new arrivals.
Some fact about e-commerce sales – According to Gentlemen Marketing Agency Survey 2015, there were almost 413,25 million online shoppers on +5000 different types of cross-border online platforms with 25% growth rate. Almost 36% of China’s online consumer bought cross border products online and the revenue of Alibaba online shopping store was $12,29 billion. The total e-commerce market is represented by cross border is of 13,6%.

2. Marketing Strategies for Baidu Chinese Search Engine

As you know that Google is blocked in China and is not accessible anywhere in China. There are is another popular search engine of China named “Baidu” which is much popular in China. Lots of other search engines are also working here and offering their services for Chinese people but Baidu search engine is in top of the list. Baidu SEO can be done easily for anyone on behalf of knowledge and skills. Baidu appreciated SEO experts efforts and rank the professional marketing sites on behalf of strong back links and best useful promotions for websites and blogs. Baidu is covering almost 71% share of China search market and earning almost $10.248 billion revenue on behalf of their online services. Almost 92% Chinese people prefers to Baidu which shows its great worth among Chinese people.

3. Improve your Brand Popularity

Popularity level can be increase through effective marketing campaigns and working on social media networks. China’s social networks are different from Western social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Google plus etc. On western platform you may never search to Chinese consumers but if you search from Chinese social media than you may got remarkable progress and the actual worth of Chinese customers. Implementing a relevant strategy on Wechat or Weibo needs some knowledge we can help you have. Digital marketing agencies can make their plans according to strategic marketing plans which is suitable for interested business communities. The campaigns on social media and electronic media, print media and other e-commerce platforms can be different from usual tasks. Only specialists who are expert in digital marketing got positive response their efforts from Chinese consumer markets otherwise much efforts and hard work is need for less experienced marketing agencies.

4. Maximize the efficiency of work with specialization in many fields

Customization of services and increasing overall potential to serve the nations helps to stay in markets and provides assistance and support to get positive feedback from Potential markets. The agencies that have multiple experiences and best support of skilled and educated staff their chances are more to get popularity in China because due to different circumstances, the feedback from the communities can be different so proper backup and support of multiple specialties is required.

5. Chinese and non-Chinese Digital Marketing Trends

Global digital marketing and Chinese digital marketing strategies both requires proper knowledge and awareness from local resources which supports to digital strategies. Competition is everywhere. Only professionals and well experienced services got positive response and introduce their unique plans of actions which support and promote their local cultures by their effective products / services campaigns and receive great appreciations from Chinese consumers.

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