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Wedding Sand Ceremonies for a more Intimate Wedding

During a wedding celebration, there are many tradition ceremonies observed as a symbol of the start of your lifetime journey together. If you incorporate these practices into your wedding, you will surely have a more special and meaningful one. Not everything in these traditional practices is necessary to include in your wedding. It is best to only choose a few of them. If you choose a wedding sand ceremony, it will definitely be a great choice. This ceremony does not only involve the couple but even their families.

You can make your wedding ceremony a great one with the unity sand celebration since it is relatively unique compared to other unity celebrations. It can complement a beach themed wedding although it can also be observed in the more traditional theme weddings. It might be the first time that your family will observe a wedding sand ceremony. Having this kind of wedding celebration can make it into a family wedding tradition hence forth.

Here in the ceremony, sand represents the union of the bride and the groom. In tradition, the sand used is colored, one color symbolizing love and affection of the groom, and one color for the love and affection of the bride. Two vials of different colored sand is prepared before the wedding celebration. When the ring ceremony is done, the couple will ring their vial of colored sand together. To symbolize their unity as husband and wife, they will both pour their colored sand at the same time into a colorless vase. Because the sand will have an intertwined pattern, it clearly depicts the union of two different individuals. The vase that contains the two-colored sand symbolizes how a marriage can contain all.
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Two families can be involved in the weddings sand ceremonies including the grandparents. In a wedding sand ceremony it can involve two families including grandparents. There has been many modifications made with the traditional unity sand ceremony but it still continues to be a sign of giving blessing to the union. Parent are also sometimes also asked to participate by bring their own color of sand. This is done to symbolized the couple’s and families’ newly formed union.
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Because you can keep the vase with different colors of sand, it will be a precious keepsake which will remind you of how special your wedding war. If your parents were really touched by how they were involved in this ceremony the vase of colored sand will remind you always of this event. In order to facilitate a smooth blending of two families who found new ties, every part of the wedding needs to be carefully planned.

This means that you need to include unity sand ceremony essentials in your wedding shopping list. In the tradition, you need a special vase with cover, colored or uncolored sands and two ro more sand vials. You will need to shop for a special colorless vase with cover, colored or uncolored sands and two or more sand vials.